Announcing Wee Boats

Whats going on? We're making a new game! Wahey! And there's a crew of us putting this one together! Laura Ryder, Brendan Hewson and myself are working on this and we're going to make something class!

The game is called Wee Boats! I'm so hyped with how its shaping up and I want to share more about how it's coming along!

Wee Boats

Gameplay Image 1

Wee Boats will be there to provide a short, calm experience that is more an ambient bob about a body of water than a game. It's pretty simple. You control a small ship and can explore a world that is full of character and little surprises. Your only other control is that you can honk. Honk to yourself. Honk at other boats. Honk at lighthouses. The potential is endless! We are also creating a logbook that will keep track of the things that you have honked at. A nice record of your time boating at a wee scale.

Gameplay Image 2

Over the next few months, we want to explore different aspects of the making of the game as it develops. I find it tough opening up about the development because its exposing this small idea out to the world. Some of my current concerns are:

However, let's give it a whack anyway!

As an experiment and a challenge, I've opted to use Bevy as the game engine and write it as Rust. Its been mostly great and I'm now even happier with the decision after all the Unity shite. This is an open source engine and we own the game! I'll talk more about Bevy in another post because it's great.

So where are we at today? We first started programming the game in March 2023. 6 months, feck. There has been a couple of main areas worked on so far:

What's up next?

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You can also find the pre-release game page on Itch where you can follow the development.